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Video Description: Columbia College

This is a montage of Columbia College events and activities

Video opens with an aerial view of the college campus. The words “Find Your Future” are over the screen. The video and then cuts to: 

  1. A female student snaps a photo of evidence in a crime scene investigation lab. The words “Find Your Potential” are over the screen.
  2. The video then shows a small group of students walking to Hughes Hall, a residence hall, with the words “Find Your Home.”
  3. Next, a male professor points to a problem on a white board during a class lecture. The words “Find Your Supporters” highlight the support our faculty gives students.
  4. Next is a close-up view of a female volleyball player watching teammates during a game. The words “Find Your Team” are over the screen.
  5. The video then shows students painting still lifes of fruit and bottles with the words “Find Your Creativity.”
  6. Next, a timelapsed video of the fountain on the Quad shows students walking with the instructions to “Find Your Campus.”
  7. The video cuts to two nursing students working in a simulation lab. The words “Find Your Determination” are over the screen.
  8. Now, a female graduate receives her diploma with the instructions to “Find Your Success.”
  9. Next, e-sports team members work on gaming computers with the words “Find Your Game” over the screen.
  10. The video then shows a professor working with a student at a whiteboard. “Find Your Motivation,” it says.
  11. The video then shows a male student singing in front of a wintery scene with the words “Find  Your Talent.”
  12. Next, the Columbia College Cougar mascot and a group of students are shown running through the gates on campus. “Find Your Path,” it says.
  13. The video then cuts to three females working in a science lab with the words “Find Your Results” over the screen.
  14. The next screen instructs you to “Find Your Drive” as a soccer player shoots, scores and celebrates a goal.
  15. The video cuts to a classroom where a student is taking notes. “Find Your Ability,” it says.
  16. Next, two female students walk on campus. The words “Find Your Next Step” are over the screen.
  17. The video then shows three students playing ping pong in a residence hall lounge. “Find Your Friends,” it says.
  18. The final view encourages you to “Find Yourself at Columbia College” over an aerial view of the fountain. The camera zooms on the fountain, which has a circular design and says “Columbia College, Established 1851.”

The video starts over and repeats for as long as the viewer remains on the page.

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