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Network Login Main Campus Computers


Network login access to college main campus computers are granted automatically to all staff, faculty and registered students (Day and Evening campus). Online Campus students are not automatically granted main campus computer access since most online students do not live in the local community and therefore access to main campus computers is not required.

However, online students that reside in the local community or who are visiting the main campus may be granted access to main campus computers when requested or login assistance may be provided by a library, lab or information desk technician.

Guest account for customers not affiliated with Columbia College

Occasionally a group will be on campus that is not affiliated with the college but requires the use of public computers. In the event of such an instance the groups Columbia College liaison must request a temporary generic account be created for the limited time period that the group is on campus. Once the time period is up, the account will be disabled and removed.

Request this service:


This service is available free to all staff, faculty and students.

Estimated Delivery Time

This service is available within one to two business days.


There is a generic username and password for those Columbia College affiliates who do not have an Active Directory account login to the computers on campus (i.e computer lab, library, Infodesk kiosks). The generic accounts are to be used to log in Columbia College constituents who do not have an Active Directory account (such as Nationwide Campus student or alumni).

If a day or evening student cannot log in with their CougarTrack account information, troubleshooting steps need to be taken to try to resolve the issue. 

Online students are eligible for Active Directory accounts upon request. The request should be submitted to the Technology Solutions Center (Network Services team). If an online student desires they also may be logged in to any computer using a generic account by asking a lab assistant, librarian or Infodesk assistant. 

Requirements for a Generic Account (Online student or visitor):

1. A photo ID from the customer to verify the user's identity.

2. Customer’s information in a Footprints ticket.

3. Log customer in with the guest account.


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