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Request to Change Web Page Content


Web Services can modify the text, images and placement of some departmental Web page elements at the request of the content owner.

Request this service:


This service is offered for free to staff members who request changes to departmental Web pages.

Estimated Delivery Time

Basic edits often can be turned around in one to two days. Simple changes should be requested at least three days in advance of the deadline. More complex changes are assessed on a case-by-case basis and should be submitted as early as possible.

Supporting Documentation

Please provide the URL of the page that needs changed. The requested changes should be articulated as clearly as possible.


In general, only the department responsible for the content should submit content edits. However, everyone is encouraged to submit requests to change incorrect, outdated or bad information. We will clear these requests with the department that owns the content prior to proceeding. Requests can be made through the standard helpdesk channels, and the WebRQ option should be selected.


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