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Understanding state grants

State aid includes academically competitive and need-based grants that do not typically have to be repaid. For need-based grants, students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before the state deadline. The state's department of higher education determines the criteria for student awards.


The Missouri Department of Higher Education administers a number of state grants and scholarships to Missouri residents. Columbia College participates in both the Bright Flight Program and the Access Missouri Financial Assistance Program. To be eligible for the Access Missouri Financial Assistance Program, students should file FAFSA by Feb. 1 and no later than April 1. Eligible students who apply between Feb. 1 and April 1 will be awarded based on available funding.


Columbia College participates in several Florida state-funded programs. Florida residents are encouraged to research eligibility requirements and apply to scholarship programs where Columbia College is listed as a participating institution.

Students eligible for the FL ABLE Grant can expect to receive updated My Awards by the third week of the session during the October and March sessions. We review all Florida students who are pursuing their first bachelors degree at a Florida venue or through the online program shortly after the add/drop date for the October and again in the March session. One of the requirements to receive the ABLE Grant is a student must be full-time. That means a student must enroll in 12 credit hours per 16-week semester (6 + 6; 3 + 9 in respective eight-week sessions). Since Columbia College has eight-week sessions, in order to meet the traditional 16-week semester requirements, a student must successfully complete the August or January classes. Successful completion means to finish the course with a grade other than "F" and not drop or withdraw from classes in order to have the class(es) count toward the required 12 credit hours.  Any individual questions regarding eligibility should be emailed to


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