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7 Unexpected Jobs You Can Do with a CJ Degree

So you're interested in Criminal Justice. You've probably seen a crime show or two and have a vague idea of what you can do with a degree in criminal justice, but did you know that a CJ degree doesn't just mean working on crime scenes? There are hundreds of different career options stemming from an undergraduate or graduate degree in criminal justice, and not just the ones you'd think of. We've seen students go into work with the government, start their own businesses or even work as bounty hunters. The options are limitless, but we've talked with Columbia College's Grossnickle Career Services Center director Dan Gomez-Palacio to come up with some of the most surprising directions a CJ degree holder can go. 

  1. Victim's Advocacy - Organizations like CASA, government or even insurance and health organizations hire advocates to work with violence, abuse and/or crime victims.
  2. Immigration - There are a variety of jobs you can have in immigration, from working with Governmental Agencies like the DHS or ICS to religious and nonprofit organizations that assist incoming immigrants.
  3. Animal Cruelty Investigator - Working with law enforcement, you'll work to rescue abused animals and keep their owners from abusing again. 
  4. Social and Community Service Manager - Work within a nonprofit or governmental agency designed to help identify needs within the community and work to solve them. 
  5. Fire Investigator and Inspectors - These can be either folks who inspect buildings for fire safety or those that investigate fires to determine cause. 
  6. Fish and Game Warden - On either the local, state or federal level, you'll work to enforce laws protecting wildlife and act as an educator for conservation. 
  7. Insurance Investigator - Work with insurance and occasionally governmental agencies to investigate on a wide variety of cases, from Workers Compensation to accident.

Check back with Ready. Aim. Hire. for more unexpected career paths, tips and tricks and conversations with experts in the field.

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