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Top Ten Job Search Sites for Business Graduates

Ever been overwhelmed or frustrated searching for a job online? There is so much information out there that it is difficult to clear out the clutter and focus on sites that won't waste your time. In this article, we look at free sites that can help the business-oriented candidate in the job hunt.

Indeed focuses on a very simple search engine. Its two boxes - a "What" and a "Where." However, don't let that simplicity fool you. The "What" can be as specific as a job title or as broad as an industry. You can even use key words like "part-time" or "entry-level," or focus on a skill like "QuickBooks" or "Accounts Payable." Indeed then searches the organization's own job sites and presents it to you in a very easy to read format. You can set up job alerts, upload your resume and/or apply directly through Indeed.

Glassdoor's search engine is easy to use, and their results are robust and easily accessible. They also have powerful tools relating to salary and can provide great company research. What separates Glassdoor from other search engines, however, is its use of "reviews." Here, users write reviews about their experiences working for certain companies. While this can provide great insight, it should be taken with a grain of salt since there are few restrictions on who can post reviews. Also, to access a lot of features on the site you have to input a company review or salary information, which might make some users uncomfortable.

Simply Hired

Simply Hired works similarly to Indeed. It offers "Keyword" and "Location" boxes. What we like about Simply Hired is that it offers some great additional services, like a focus on "Local Jobs," jobs for "New Graduates" and a nice salary estimator. As a warning, sometimes its job results are not as focused or as direct as, and it can get bogged down in less-desirable positions.


Twitter can be a very powerful tool for the job search that most people don't think about. Using the site is free, but you'll need to register a profile. After that, you can use Twitter just like search engine. Search for "marketing jobs Chicago" or follow certain handles and you can get access to constantly updated positions. Additionally, you can find recruiters in your area and follow them for updated information. 


US.Jobs is a site that is sponsored through the National Labor Exchange. It works similarly to Indeed and Glassdoor, but has several key features. One is that it has a unique engine for veterans where you can search with some military-specific criteria. What separates them out is that they showcase links to state job bank resources. These are sites powered by each state's employment board that can lead to thousands of job opportunities in all levels. Additionally the state sites might lead you to additional resources or engines that are unique to your area. 


Many people know LinkedIn as a powerful tool for networking. While in the past LinkedIn has struggled with the jobs part of the site, it has improved lately and there are more improvements in store. Under their jobs tab, it will give you opportunities matched to your profile. You can also use it as a search engine. Additionally, you can connect with companies and recruiters, join groups in your field and stay abreast of the industry. Oftentimes jobs are posted in interest groups pages or on company websites before they hit anywhere else. 


The agriculture and food industry in the United States is huge, employing over 250,000 Americans. Many of the U.S.'s largest companies are agriculturally-based and serve a global audience. In this field, there are countless opportunities for marketing, accounting, management and sales. AgCareers typically advertises thousands of jobs in great companies throughout the U.S. This site also has a specialized portal for veterans looking to enter the industry.

This site primarily serves the investment banking, asset management and securities communities. It lists out nationwide opportunities for both entry level and experiences candidates. The site not only has a solid job search engine, but numerous articles about succeeding is this field. Also, if you are currently in school, check out their portal for students looking to get into the industry.

The Leisure and Hospitality industries have seen steady growth, even in years where other sectors swung downwards. In the last few years, we have seen over 273,000 new jobs in this field, and are expecting the growth to continue. HCareers lists tens of thousands of jobs in this area, with many positions in sales, accounting, marketing and more. Opportunities are available all throughout the country at many different experience levels. Additionally they have articles and advice for job seekers who are interested in this field. 

Mashable Job Board

Interested in a job in PR, marketing and/or social media? Mashable, a general site aimed at these industries, offers a strong job board. They post jobs in all areas of marketing throughout the country and they present a handy employer directory so you can explore specific companies.

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