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Top 9 Reasons to Get an MBA

You have a bachelor's degree, and things are going well, but could they be going better if you went back to school? It's possible! Consider these nine reasons to go back to college (through traditional in-seat, evening or online programs) and get an MBA.

More money

The average salary for an MBA holder with less than a year in their field in 2015 is $51,696.* With more education comes a higher salary as job demands increase and leadership opportunities open up. Those who had 5-9 years in their field earned, on average, $76,291 per year. Those with 20 years or more experience had an average salary of $118,418.

Experience to help you keep an edge in a competitive environment

Furthering your education will help you stay on top of changing business trends and give you the tools to continue to do so throughout your career. With more and more people entering the field of business, it’s important to stay competitive and up-to-date with the latest trends in technology and the market.

A safe, no-risk area to experiment and learn

While it may be your dream to start your own company or work your way to a leadership role, it’s best to practice these things without a chance of fallout. Learning in a classroom setting and/or online will give you the chance to experiment and try things out in a controlled situation before putting your skills to the test in real life.

Opportunities to build your network

Part of business is networking, and getting an MBA will help you continue to do so. Meeting fellow students and professors will help you expand your network as well as learn. The people you meet while earning your MBA will have their own networks and contacts as well, allowing you exponential possibilities for your future career.

Advancement in your current career

It seems obvious, but it’s worth repeating: more education means more opportunities. Even if you’re happy with your current career track, an MBA can help you attain leadership positions, earn a higher salary and get you where you want to go quickly. Build on your experience and what you already know with additional classes to fast-track your way to your dream job.

Flexibility in your career field

Not all that enthused with your current job? Looking to remain in business but need a change of pace? An advanced degree can help you get there. Teaching the latest trends and specialized courses in accounting, management, technology and more, an MBA program will give you the tools you need to make a career switch.

Guest lecturers who are working leaders

Learning from those who are already successful in the business world can give you insider tips and tricks to follow in their footsteps. With expert faculty and the opportunity to learn from guest lecturers and industry leaders, you’ll leave college prepared to take on anything.

Development of teamwork skills

Though you might dream of owning your own business, actually getting there is all about teamwork. Learning how to interact with coworkers, pull out the best from your staff and form a team to tackle problems and create plans are all part of the process, and it’s one that you can learn whilst working with your classmates.

Greater job security

Whether it’s a career change or a promotion, having a master’s degree can often lead to more security in your position than holding only a bachelor’s. With more education and experience, you become more indispensable to your company and will likely be able to work where you’d like for years to come.

* PayScale survey of 34,294 MBA holders

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