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Rocking Your Busy Life and School at the Same Time

You're a busy person. You may work a full-time job, or may have several jobs. You might have a family. To add to all this, you still want to finish your education. That may mean sending your kids to school, while working full-time, then making your way to the classroom well into the evening. Oh, and then there's homework to do. 

So you decide to try the online approach. You sign up, get your schedule of assignments and dive in headfirst. It's much better than sitting in a classroom for up to four hours several times a week, but the only problem is you are having trouble grasping some concepts without face-to-face interaction with your professor. 

Hybrid courses can be the answer.

"Hybrid courses allow for classroom time to be very focused," says Elizabeth Trunda, who studied at Columbia College - Crystal Lake. "Rather than sitting in class to take exams, my instructor uses that time to help the class understand how the material is relevant to the work world and to understand more challenging material." 

Every hybrid course can be set up differently, but often students interact with each other through discussions online and potentially take exams online, but also get a chance to meet with classmates and the professor periodically.

"Sitting in class for up to four hours can be painful in more ways than one," says Debra Hartman, an educator and regional college director at Columbia College. "Hybrid courses reduce class time to a more practical three hours allowing some of the learning to happen outside the classroom on your own schedule. In addition, staying engaged with the instructor, peers and the course material throughout the week often generates a deeper understand of the course concepts."

So yes, it can be done. You can live your crazy, busy, fabulous life and still have time to finish the education that can open so many doors for you.

This article was written by Courtney McKnight

Courtney McKnight, a Columbia, MO native, is a Columbia College graduate, class of 2016. She graduated with bachelor's degree in Business Administration, and is still in Columbia starting her professional career while living close to her family and friends with her black lab, Dixie.

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