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Mental and Emotional Well-being

The college recognizes that the situation with COVID-19 may be stressful for members of the Columbia College community. It is not uncommon for increased stress to elicit feelings of anxiety, depression, grief and more.

Faculty and Staff

The college provides an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for faculty and staff. Guardian WorkLifeMatters is a confidential program that offers support of many kinds, from online resources such as articles and webinars on resilience, pandemic resources, and dealing with financial stress, to individual guidance for personal issues. The program is available to all members of your household and includes:

  • Unlimited free phone consultation with an EAP counselor available 24/7 at 800-386-7055
  • Referrals to local counselors — up to three sessions free of charge
  • State-of-the-art website featuring over 3,400 helpful articles on topics like wellness, training courses, and a legal and financial center

Faculty and staff needing support, or looking for direction, these free services are available and easy to access. Please take advantage of them.


Day students have access to medical appointments, mental health consultations, wellness resources, individual counseling and group support, online resources, and off-campus referrals through Wellness, Health, & Counseling Services. Most services are currently being provided via virtual telehealth appointments. CCG students have access to online resources, and assistance with identifying local resources, at Wellness, Health, & Counseling Services.

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