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Dr. Peter Monacell

Dr. Peter Monacell

Peter Monacell began teaching at Columbia College in 2012 and teaches courses in American literature, poetry, creative writing, critical theory and composition. In addition, he serves as co-advisor to the Columbia College Literary Review, a student-edited literary magazine.

He received his PhD in English from the University of Missouri in 2011.  During his time there, he taught English and won both the Mary Lago and Gus Reid Awards for his teaching. Dr. Monacell has received fellowships from the University of Virginia and University of Missouri, as well as research grants from Washington University in St. Louis and the Center for eResearch.  He has published poetry and scholarship and is currently working to expand his dissertation on 20th Century American poetry about suburbia into a book. Dr. Monacell’s research and teaching interests include American poetry and fiction, poetry writing, and critical theory.  His most recent publication is an article, “John Ashbery’s Hyperpastoral Suburbia,” which appears in Contemporary Literature (spring 2015).

Courses Dr. Monacell teaches at Columbia College

  • Composition II (ENGL 112)
  • Survey of American Literature I and II (ENGL 241 and 242)
  • Major Literary Periods: Modern (ENGL 370)
  • Major Literary Periods: Contemporary (ENGL 370)
  • Introduction to Creative Writing (ENGL 207)
  • Intermediate Poetry Writing (ENGL 315)
  • Major Literary Figures: Whitman and Dickinson (ENGL 350)
  • English Internship: Columbia College Literary Review (ENGL 499)

Contact Dr. Peter Monacell

Office Location: STC 331
Phone Number: (573) 875-7169


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