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Dr. Joseph Carrier

Joseph Carrier Dr. Joseph Carrier received his bachelor's degree in criminal justice from Southeastern Louisiana University, and his master's and doctorate degrees in political science from the University of Missouri.

He came to Columbia College in the fall of 1998.

Criminal Justice courses Dr. Carrier has taught at Columbia College:

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice (CJAD 101)
  • Police in a Democratic Society (CJAD 311)
  • Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice (CJAD 320)
  • Corrections and Penology (CJAD 350)
  • Ethics and Morality in Criminal Justice (CJAD 345)
  • Integrative Seminar in Criminal Justice (CJAD 495)
  • Management of Criminal Justice Agencies (CJAD 451)
  • Readings in Criminal Justice (MSCJ 550)
  • Ethics (MSCJ 510)
  • Comparative Criminal Justice Systems (MSCJ 525)
  • Corrections Administration (MSCJ 587)
  • Community Corrections (MSCJ 589 )

Contact Dr. Joseph Carrier

Office Location: STC 332
Phone Number: (573) 875-7275


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