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Dr. Teresa VanDover

Dr. Teresa M. VanDover received her B.S. in Special Education and Elementary Education, her M.Ed. in Special Education, and her Ed.S. and Ed.D. in Education Leadership and Policy Analysis from the University of Missouri. She is a former teacher and building-level administrator with Columbia Public Schools.

Dr. VanDover is active in local and state organizations that support teacher leadership and principal preparation programs. She is coordinator of the new M.Ed. in Education Leadership in the education department of Columbia College. She has been with the college since 2011.

She is a contributing author to NorthStar, an Education Leadership Publication by the MasterTeacher Company and is recently published in the Kappan magazine as a co-author for a Sept. 2013 article on student motivation. 

Courses Dr. VanDover has taught at Columbia College

  • Introduction to Education (formerly EDUC 101 and 102)
  • Techniques of teaching (EDUC 300)
  • Psychology of the Exceptional Child (EDUC 390)
  • Educating Exceptional Individuals (EDUC 525)
  • Foundations and Psychology of Educational Leadership (EDUC 502)
  • Perspectives on Parental, Community, and Political Involvement in Public Schools (EDUC 546)
  • School Law for Education Leaders (EDUC 581)
  • Elementary and Secondary School Principalship (EDUC 583)
  • Educational Leadership Practicum (EDUC 608)

Contact Dr. Teresa Vandover

Office Location: STC 216
Phone Number: (573) 875-7794


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