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Do I Have to Send a Thank You?

Sending a thank you note after a job interview has long been seen as common professional courtesy — but is it still necessary? 

Well, it sure won't hurt. 

Though it shouldn't be the only reason you get a job, it definitely leaves a good impression and proves your interest in the job and your respect for the interviewer(s). It's also a great place for to follow-up a discussion, offer additional communication if you don't feel you made a strong impression on a specific interview question or want to give additional examples of your previous work. 

It is important to send a note promptly (one or two days after the interview) and make the note unique rather than copying a generic one from the Internet. And be sure to send one to each person who interviewed you, as you never know who's making the decisions!

As with everything you submit, make sure to proofread carefully before you send. It's generally accepted that thank yous can be sent via email, but it's always a nice touch to send things through good old-fashioned snail mail. 

And while a younger boss might not expect a thank you, it's still nice to keep the practice alive. Thank you letters in the business world can make or break a client's dealings with the company, so its a good habit to get into. 

Overall, a thank you note isn't going to be what gets you the job, but it demonstrates your consideration and attention to detail and it is another demonstration of the type of employee you would be. 

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