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Resume Do's and Don'ts

To apply for almost any job, you'll need to write a resumé. It's a highlight of your work history and professional skills, and is the first (and sometimes last) impression you make on an employer. Because of this, it's important to have a strong resumé, and we've pulled a few tips from the Grossnickle Career Services Center to help you put your best foot forward. 


  • Use Times New Roman (or similar) 12 pt font
  • Keep it short - one to two pages at most
  • Proofread before sending
  • Keep consistent spacing and don't over-design
  • Save and send in a pdf format


  • Include more than one email address
  • Use an email address or phone number that you don't consistently check
  • List a home address outside the state where you're applying for a job
  • Include everything

It's also important to only list the most relevant information. For example, mention that you earned a college degree, but don't list out every single course you took. It's also okay to list your GPA, so long as it was over 3.0. When writing out work and volunteer experience, make sure to put the most recent first, and go backwards from there. Most resumés are only viewed for a few seconds - 30 at max - so make your skills and experience as easy to read as possible. 

Always remember that your resume is a brief overview of why you're a fit for the job, so don't overstate your abilities or bog down your volunteer experience with one two-hour stint you did in high school. Make it clear, make it concise and ask friends and family to look it over before you press send!

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