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Prospecting - Not Just for Gold Miners

So you've found a great company. Happy customers, happy employees, great location. It's everything you've been looking for. But you don't know if they're hiring. 

Now is the time for a prospecting letter. 

Often referred to as a letter of inquiry, a prospecting letter is a way of letting a company know of your interest while also asking about potential openings. 

Sent along with your resume, the letter should focus on your fit with the company rather than a specific job (a la a cover letter). Discuss your interest in the work environment and how the company's goals and beliefs line up with yours. 

The goal of this letter is to get your resume read and your interest known and, hopefully, set up an interview if there are positions open. If there aren't currently any openings, the hiring manager will hopefully keep your resume on record for the future. 

Here are our best tips for writing a prospecting letter (and scoring a spot at your dream company).

  • If possible, send to a specific person within the company.
  • Focus on the company as a whole and broad occupational information.
  • Set up an action plan — let them know you'd like to follow up with a letter or phone call. 
  • Proofread! Always, always, always put your best foot forward. 
  • If appropriate, ask for an official application.

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