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Next Level Resume Tips

You need to get the basics (read about those here, here and here) covered just to keep the hiring manager's eyes on your resume for more than a few seconds. But, to get your resume actually read, you can use these tips. 

Order of Importance

A well-designed document guides the eye by using titles, headings and bullets. Remember, your resume may be standing out against dozens of others, so make it easy for the hiring manager to see why you're the one for the job. If the gems of your professional history are buried three sentences deep in an intimidating paragraph of text, it may be skimmed over. Try formatting longer blocks of texts into bullets for a quick skim, and use white space to give your text room to breathe. 

Less is more

When crafting a resume, what you leave out is as important as what you include. Not every detail of each job you've ever had needs to be listed, and an experienced hiring manager can recognize resume "padding" immediately. To avoid the pass pile, focus on the job listing you're applying for and identify the skills and qualities the ideal candidate should have. Reference that list when you're deciding which responsibilities and accomplishments from your previous positions you should include. Do they match? 

If you're unable to show direct correlation but think you're still a good fit for the position, instead showcase your ability to learn new skills quickly and highlight the trifecta of employable traits that every job needs: great communication, problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. 


It's naïve to think that a hiring manager, interested by a resume, wouldn't then turn to the internet to look up the candidate's LinkedIn profile and possibly take a quick look at your social media accounts. What you post can influence their decisions, so choose carefully and utilize privacy settings. 

For LinkedIn, make sure your information matches your resume. Inconsistency between dates and descriptions could raise red flags with future employers.

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