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So You Want to Write a Cover Letter

Applying for a job is more than just polishing up your resume. More and more, employers focus on your cover letter and the level of communication and passion you convey. Unfortunately, the cover letter can be the most difficult part of your job application to complete. What needs to be in your cover letter, and how do you make it stand out from the stack of other letters?

A cover letter often accompanies your resume. It works as your first impression and gives a brief overview of your background, personality, experience and enthusiasm. Anything your resume doesn't cover, your cover letter can. 

To write a great cover letter, here are a few guidelines you should follow:

  • Customize the letter to each position and employer.
  • Be concise and stick to a single page.
  • Avoid repeating what information that is already on your resume. 
  • If possible, address your letter to a specific person, preferably the hiring manager.
  • Be specific and show examples of leadership skills, work highlights, etc. 
  • Proofread! Always make sure you double check spelling and grammar. 

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